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How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform B2B Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is enriching the B2B marketing landscape with dynamic capabilities. Marketers can use AI technologies like machine learning and algorithms to automate their marketing processes and inject increased intelligence into their marketing strategies. As a result, B2B marketers can optimize and personalize their customer experiences.

Here are seven ways that AI is transforming B2B marketing.

Improves Lead Generation and Scoring

Generating high-quality leads, followed by generating a high number of leads, are the two biggest challenges faced by marketers today. 

Creates Better Customer Insights

For businesses aiming to execute personalized targeting from the second a customer enters the sales funnel, creating accurate buyer personas and ideal customer profiles (ICP) is critical.  Combined with AI, social listening, and analysis tools can help businesses achieve these goals. For example, you might gain insight into your customers’ pain points, buying behaviors, or who your businesses’ competitors are targeting. All of this can be used to strengthen buyer personas and create customized environments.

Enhances Customer Experiences

At a consumer level, smart technology is where AI truly shines. Digital assistants like Alexa and Siripaved the way for voice-based technology. Now, consumers aren’t just using voice searches to merely browse the internet, they’re buying things, too.

Personalizes B2B Marketing

If you’re worried that using AI might dehumanize your brand’s content marketing strategy, then worry no more. AI is actually a personalization power tool that you should be using to your advantage.

Optimizes Website/App Performance

How often do you scrutinize your website’s performance data to identify any issues or areas for improvement?  Website analytics can be so convoluted that interpreting them strategically on a consistent basis is a grueling task. AI-powered tools (like Google Analytics Intelligence) use machine intelligence to condense complex data into easily digestible and actionable insights.

Simplifies SEO

AI-powered SEO tools do more than simply save you time by sourcing relevant keywords. They can heavily inform new content by identifying trending topics, making keyword predictions, and uncovering competitive gaps for forward-thinking targeting. They can also optimize old content for SERP by performing dynamic keyword and linking updates. Basically, AI keeps your old content fresh and your new content ahead of the curve.

Increases Customer Engagement

So your content is optimized and ready to be published, but if you publish it at the wrong time, all of that effort might just go to waste. This is where AI steps in once again, driving maximum customer engagement by ensuring that content is posted at exactly the right time.

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