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Industries that can benefit from Artificial Intelligence in 2022

2022 has been a year of drastic improvements in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It also witnessed a great deal of acceptance from the customers. 41% of customers believe that AI will improve the quality of life in some way or the other. 33% believe that they are already using artificially intelligent applications or platforms. 

This gives organizations a sense of confidence in their products and operations that incorporate Artificial Intelligence at it’s core. In this section, we highlight the top industries where AI has gained popularity and the top application areas of Artificial Intelligence in each of these industries.


Improvement in the state of the healthcare system holds immense importance as it directly reflects
on critical aspects such as quality of treatment, life expectancy, etc. 

It has been stated that our planet will need 50% more food than is produced today by the year 2050. And once again, AI could be the solution to this challenging task. 

Artificial Intelligence has found many applications in the Finance industry. These applications are being widely used across organizations to up their game and grab a larger chunk of market share.

Space and Aeronautics

Artificial Intelligence has paved the way for extraterrestrial exploration and helped space scientists
to find hints of life on other planets. It is being considered to send artificial Intelligence bots to other
planets to conduct studies on the presence of life, based on the climatic activities and presence of
natural resources around.

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