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Mobile App Development Trends for 2022

It is predicted that there are 7 billion mobile users around the world in 2021. It’s projected that this figure will continue to rise as technology becomes more accessible each passing day. Mobile phones have integrated into our lives seamlessly over the past decade. Major companies have taken advantage of this by getting their platform available on mobile devices as well in the form of mobile apps. Mobile app development companies play a key role for businesses around the world to reach wider audiences.

What are the New Trends in Mobile Application Development?


Wearables have taken the world by storm; whether it’s on the Subway or at the gym, you can see everybody decked out with the latest wearables. Then, the Apple Watch and AirPods paved the way for more development in space.

On-Demand Development Apps

On-demand development apps were created to fill a void in the mobile app development industry. Building apps required technical expertise and knowledge of coding, but today, the on-demand development model has made building apps so much more accessible. Are you running a business and looking to scale using apps? Chances are, you won’t have to build it yourself at all. There’s a good chance that there’s an on-demand app that will do everything that you expect from it. This statistic says 42% of adults have used on-demand services.

Mobile Wallets

The pandemic changed our lifestyles and forced us to adopt a digital-first alternative. Today, everything from buying groceries to paying people for their services is done online. Mobile wallets have simplified online payments and made them accessible to everyone.

Cloud-based Apps

Cloud technology has grown so much over the past few years. Cloud storage is growing to become inexpensive as service providers invest in more efficient cloud infrastructure. Cloud technology is the backbone of mobile app development in 2022.

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