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Ways Airlines Use Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Technology changes the way businesses interact with their customers, make strategic decisions, and
build workflows. For instance, such actions as booking a flight via phone or conducting solely offline
surveys seem unusual these days. Real-time access to data — the 21st-century oil — allows
organizations to take informed steps towards operational efficiency.

The main applications of AI and data science in the airline industry Artificial intelligence and its cognitive technologies that make a sense of data can streamline and
automate analytics, machinery maintenance, customer service, as well as many other internal processes and tasks. So, AI technologies are useful for various aspects of airline operation management.

Revenue management

Revenue management (RM) is the application of data and analytics aimed at defining how to sell a
product to those who need it, at a reasonable cost at the right time and using the right channel.
It’s based on the idea that customers perceive product value differently, so the price they are ready
to pay for it depends on the target groups they belong to and purchase time.

Air safety and airplane maintenance

Airlines literally bear high costs due to delays and cancellations that include expenses on
maintenance and compensations to travelers stuck in airports. With nearly 30 percent of the total
delay time caused by unplanned maintenance, predictive analytics applied to fleet technical support
is a reasonable solution.

Feedback analysis

Air travel can be stressful even for frequent, experienced travelers whose passports are running out of clean pages. They have to do so many tasks like checking bags or finding a gate before getting themselves into a plane seat and taking a selfie!

Messaging automation

When a disruption such as a flight delay or baggage loss occurs, travelers get nervous. And if customers don’t get a response or explanation of a problem from an airline representative in a timely manner, they likely won’t choose this airline for their next trip. The speed of response to customer queries matters as much as the actual steps that are taken to solve an issue.

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