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Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Used in Education

Technological advancement is driving changes in many industries. The internet and mobile phones are two interconnected technologies that affect our daily lives. While there’s an active debate among psychologists, educators, and parents on the amount of screen time children should be limited to. There’s another technology growing rapidly with the potential to change the face of the education sector massively.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not an entirely new technology or subject to discuss. Many novelists from the past and science fiction movies have predicted its rise in popularity. While it hasn’t gone as they’ve expected – yet- the technology itself is here and is driving changes in all industries. It is not often that technology is introduced that impacts all industries, including education. But this is what artificial intelligence is about.

Task Automation

AI has been used in different industries to automate tasks, and it will come in handy the same way in
the education sector. Professors and teachers usually have to manage the classroom environment
alongside numerous organizational and administrative tasks. According to a report in research paper
on writing services, teachers don’t just teach. They also spend time grading tests, evaluating homework,
filing the necessary paperwork, making a progress report, organizing resources and materials for
lectures, managing teaching materials, etc. It’s a lot of work involved.

Personalized learning

AI can ensure that educational software is personalized for individuals. There are already adaptive
learning software, games, and programs for students. This use of AI is probably one of its most
significant in education as learning is more comfortable and smoother and cut across personal

Universal access

Educational classrooms can become globally available to all students through AI tools, even those
that have hearing or visual impairment or speak different languages. With a PowerPoint plugin such
as Presentation Translator, students have real-time subtitles for everything the teacher says. This
opens up new possibilities for students who need to learn at different levels, who want to learn a
subject unavailable in their school, or who are sick and absent from school. AI can break down the silos
between traditional grade levels and schools.

Smart content creation

AI can help teachers create smart content that makes teaching and learning more comfortable for
them and the students, respectively. According to Paul Barry, lab report writer at an assignment writing
service, AI can help teachers create different content types.

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